Winos and Foodies Unite!

Cheers World! :)

Hillary at Hansen Vineyards in Templeton

CHEERS! And welcome to SHEdrinksHEeats, a blog about wine and food on California’s GORGEOUS central coast. My husband and I have decided to start this blog because everyone we know is always coming to us for recommendations on where to eat and what great wines to drink. Not to mention several of them have asked us to start a blog…so wish granted, here it is 🙂

One of the things about living on the coast is the wonderful weather which allows for fresh, local, and organic fruits and vegetables along with ranch fresh meats and dairy. When you combine those with rambling vineyards and talented winemakers, then pair those with stunning veiws of the pacific ocean and volcanic hills, we can honestly say it’s as close to a gastronomical heaven on earth as you can get.

I hope you will enjoy our little blog and when you get a chance come visit our hamlet and enjoy the best that Dionysus and Bacchus have to offer!

And lastly  remember…

“A meal without wine is Breakfast”


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4 thoughts on “Cheers World! :)

  1. Todd gordon on said:

    A food and wine blog? Not entirely unexpected!

  2. Cheers to you two for this fabulous blog!!!

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