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Vino Voila!!!

Et Voila

The night our daughter went to her first Prom, Doug and I went to a cute little French restaurant in San Luis Obispo known as Et Voila. It’s owned by José Dahan, transplanted to the Central Coast from Toulouse, France. José has a reputation around town as a great chef and wonderful caterer. The first time we tasted his food was at an Eberle Winery wine dinner up in Paso Robles and we immediately knew his reputation was well deserved. He’s creative and inventive with his food, and most importantly…He knows his wine! Read more…


The continued adventure of The Faaabulouuus Fedora Four…

Hillary and Sandy at Kynsi

Hillary and Sandy at Kynsi

In continuing our Saturday Fedora and wine tasting story, our next stop was Kynsi winery.  Kynsi is Finnish for “Talon” and the winery’s tasting room was originally the milk processing room of a dairy in the 1940s. Kynsi’s logo is a barn owl, the story behind it is one of our favorites and we got the inside scoop from Kayla, one of the owner’s daughters a few years ago. Read more…

“Sister Kitchen, Oh the Time Has Come, And You Know That You’re the Only One”

Strangely, the South County area of San Luis Obispo is chock full of Thai food restaurants. Even stranger, nearly every one of them is good. So going out for Thai has become the defacto in our household when we want something delicious and, at least on the surface, healthy. So everyone around here has their favorites for different reasons. As just some dude writing about food, this makes writing a review difficult because what criteria do I use? Great noodles? Great barbecue? Great curry? Exotic dishes? Today I’ve decided the criteria will be “freshness.” Read more…

Wine, Sun, and the Faaabulouuus Fedora Four!!

Hillary, Sandy, and Brad

Our friends Brad and Sandy (you may remember her from my blog What to do on a Rainy Day…) showed up for our Saturday wine tasting day wearing Fedoras, starting a day of Fedora flaunting and rocking. I didn’t have a fedora so Doug in solidarity left his at home.  But by the end of the day between Doug and our friend Annie and a very friendly guy up on a balcony in Avila Beach…we had Fedoras for all!! Until then however, Brad let me wear his. Although we made several stops on our wine tasting adventure I’m only going to discuss the first, Piedra Creek winery on this post  because Read more…

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