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C&C Wine Factory…Everybody drink now!

Owners Clay and Fredericka

We have lived on the central coast for 7 1/2 years now and in that time we’ve joined and dropped many a wine club. But there has been one wine club that in flush times and lean, we have been a consistent member of and that’s Claiborne and Churchill Winery. The thing about Claiborne and Churchill isn’t just that they just make great wines but, that when you walk into their uniquely built Straw bale winery you always feel like a member of the family. Read more…


Bella View from Bella Vino’s

View  from Bella Vino, a mirror image of the Sunset and Morro Rock

View from Bella Vino’s, a mirror image of the Sunset and Morro Rock

There is a charming wine bar in Morro Bay, called Bella Vino’s Doug and I visited on a “Lets get out of the house and do something ” day. There was a flurry of activity at the bar because as part of celebrating its 1 year anniversary they were doing a fundraiser in conjunction with the  UFC for the Wounded Warriors Project later in the day, and several well-known champions were there. Although we couldn’t stay for the fundraiser we decided to stick around and drink some wine. When we walked in the first thing we noticed were the great views of the Rock and Morro Bay out of the large picture windows along the far wall. Read more…

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