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There are so many great places we’ve been to that picking a “Top 10” or “Favorites” is impossible, if for no other reason than our moods and tastes change all the time. You’re not always in the mood for sushi, for example, though one of our very favorite places is a sushi restaurant. So instead, please enjoy these gems (the notes of the things we like best at these places is in parentheses…kinda like this is right here), and check back often as we’re always modifying this list and discovering new places and secrets. Use this list freely to suggest to your friends and you too will develop a reputation for great taste.



  • ALEGRIA, San Luis Obispo, CA (spanish wine, flights and beer)
  • AVILA WINE AND ROASTING CO., Avila Beach, CA (wine, beer and coffee)
  • CUVEE, Avila Beach, CA (champagne and small plates)
  • LUIS, San Luis Obispo, CA (wine and beer)
  • SIDECAR, San Luis Obispo, CA (old-fashioned cocktails)
  • SLO DOWN PUB, Arroyo Grande, CA (wine and beer)
  • VENTANA GRILL, Pismo Beach, CA (margaritas and tequila flights)

California Cuisine:

Coffees and Cafes:





  • ROONEY’S IRISH PUB, Old Town Orcutt, CA (corned beef, deconstructed shepherd’s pie, fresh fish, beer)


  • GIUSEPPE’S, Pismo Beach, CA (braciole, fresh pasta, wood-fired pizzas)


  • CIOPINOT, San Luis Obispo, CA (oysters and wine)
  • RAKU, San Luis Obispo, CA (sushi, yakitori and udon)
  • SPLASH CAFE, Pismo Beach, CA (casual seafood, clam chowder)
  • STEAMER’S, Pismo Beach, CA (clam chowder)
  • WILLI’S RAW BAR, Healdsburg, CA (oysters and raw bar)




When in San Luis Obispo (our home):

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