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An Afternoon of Epicurean Delights

The Chapman House

The Community Action Partnerships of San Luis Obispo or CAPSLO Health and prevention division provides health and medical services for underprivileged and low income, men, women, children and families in our community. Every year for the last 26 years they have put on an annual charity food and wine event called Afternoon of Epicurean Delights. It took place this year at the stunningly iconic and historic Chapman House – a Tudor style mansion in Shell Beach overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Read more…


Farmers, Winemakers and Chocolatiers, Oh MY!!!

Every year the city of Pismo Beach has the Taste of Pismo, a food and wine event sponsored by the San Luis Obispo Wine Country Association. The kick off party this year was Farmfest, a meet and greet with our local Farmers, Winemakers, Chocolatiers, Chefs and more all overlooking the ocean at Dinosaur Caves Park. Getting a ticket included wine tasting and food samples prepared by the various producers and talented Chefs. Read more…

A Rare Perfect Menu Found at the Cliffs

The Cliffs Resort

That’s right. This really is the view.

I don’t get to write about this kind of experience often. But as my wife and I met days after President Obama was re-elected to celebrate with a nice meal at Marisol, we stumbled on an endangered culinary species – the perfect menu.

Read more…

C&C, Byron, Still Waters, and the Wrath of Grapes!

I have deemed today to officially be Red and White day! And not just any red and white, it’s Red and White WINE time! So in the spirit of the day let’s alternate between the two and talk WINE! Read more…

Marisol at the Cliffs and Vino delish

As you know by now hubby posted on the exquisite meal we had with friends last night at Marisol located at the Cliffs hotel and resort in Shell Beach. He briefly mentioned the mushroom soup which was tasty with a dollop of creme fraiche and truffle oil drops. Since we shared everything else I’ll just touch on the soup. It was a bit on the bland side to be honest, but when you scooped up a bit of the oil and the creme fraiche on the spoon it gave it a nice touch. When I ordered it I expected it to be cream based but in actuality it wasn’t. Read more…

Cheese, Beets and Funnel Cakes at Marisol

Cowgirl Creamery Mt. Tam Cheese.

Mt. Tam is a delicious, creamy cheese like brie with less bite and a mild rind that even rind haters can get behind.

So I love it when friends call and say “hey, we grabbed a room at a hotel on the beach and you should come join us for dinner.” You can do that here. And you can be assured of a terrific time and heart stopping sunset every time.

So Marisol, at the Cliffs Resort in Shell Beach, CA, is one of our foodie haunts. Mostly because the location is ungodly beautiful, and we love Gregg Wangard the chef there. The menu is pretty standard by now. I noticed the Bautista Wild Rocket Salad that is one of my favorite salads of all time, anywhere, but this time opted to Read more…

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