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French for a Day. On Prom Night.

So my Sophomore daughter was asked by a Junior to join him at prom, which sent the house into a tempest of activity – make-up, hair, nails, dresses. Not a lot of time to make food at home, so we started our day with a short walk down to Le Petit Cafe in Arroyo Grande to enjoy a French Country Breakfast from the most adorable French couple you’ve met – Stephane and Sylvie. Remarkably decadent and simple at the same time – Sylvie’s fresh made baguettes, croissants, french toast and angelic pastries, plus Stepane’s ham and Swiss crepes with chive spread, coffee and OJ. So good. After taking 4,000 pictures of my daughter and her date, and waving as they rode off into the sunset, it was time to pick a great dinner place and recount our own prom days to each other. We decided to continue with the theme and went to Et Voila in San Luis Obispo. Read more…

Foiereo and a Cosmo Sidecar

Sidecar SLO

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she just needs to take the plunge, and by plunge I mean seeing something on a menu that absolutely terrifies you by the description and creates such hesitation that you literally need to be pushed into ordering it by supportive or absolutely out of their minds, friends. This happened to me the other night at Sidecar in SLO. A new hip restaurant and speakeasy style bar that recently opened in town. Michael Reyes is the Executive Chef and has added quite the unique and fantastical spin to the menu. It’s ever changing, farm to table cuisine in what he describes as a “Rustic French Italian” cooking style. Read more…

Lido? Lovely on a Tuesday night!

One of the most amazing things about living in a vacation destination in California, is all the beautiful restaurants and resorts located on the coast over looking the ocean, beach, or cliffs above the Pacific. It never gets boring to turn to Doug at the spur of the moment and say “Which one of the incredibly beautiful places would you like to go for dinner?” Read more…

Ah Luis, Luis…You gotta GO!!!

I know, we’ve blogged about Luis before, but get used to hearing about it because we are LOVING this place! Vanessa is terrific and really knows her stuff, not to mention I have been craving Maegan Loring’s chicken and duck fat pate since I wrote about it in my Going down in Gluttonous Glory blog. Today we went to Luis and decided to try the flights, I got the red GSM (Grenache/Syrah (Shiraz)/Mourvedre) blend and Read more…

Luis Bites. In a Really Good Way.

Creamy, crunchy, savory and soft. Luis Wine Bar serves up bites for any biter.

I have never been one for massive food orgies on my plate. I’m more of a nibbler. I like lots of flavors to dip and combine, experiencing a mix of textures, sweet, salt, heat, herbs. I also don’t constrain myself to simply loving all of my meat smoky, or all of my corn buttery. Ever put a little gruyere cheese on a pork chop? Ever put basil on your corn like I mention on the Try This At Home page? Read more…

Going down in Gluttonous Glory

Bruce and the Boss

Saturday started out just like most other Saturdays, sleeping in and hanging out in jammies for the better part of the morning. Then I reminded Doug that it was pick up party day for Hansen Vineyards and Winery up in Templeton. Bruce Hansen makes some of the best Cabs in the area and we love going up to see him, his long suffering girlfriend Sheila and their adorable dachshunds. If you are ever lucky enough to meet these two, you will know what I mean when I say “long suffering” and that I say it with all the love and humor in the world. One of these days I will find the time to write about our very first experience going to Hansen Vineyards about Read more…

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