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Hog Heaven at Bacon & Barrels

These are probably two of my favorite words in the whole English Language, besides words like Love and Peace.  As I told the organizer, this was one of the most brilliantly named events I’ve ever heard, everything explained in two simple words…Bacon & Barrels. And really after that what else needs to be said? I was eagerly anticipating this event, and apparently I wasn’t the only one, when tickets went on sale for the July 19-21 2013 event on April 1st, it sold out within 2 weeks. Read more…


San Francisco Strikes Again – Restaurant Gary Danko Is Worth the Weight

One of my favorite things about documenting our food and wine explorations is being wrong. A recent such humbling experiences was when we decided to try Opus One at their winery in St. Helena two years ago. From everything we’d heard, all the way up to the entry into an opulent, modern architectural marvel in the middle of vines, we were convinced we’d be treated like wide-eyed wannabe noveau riche, forced to swallow overpriced swill and comment with insider lingo about its complexity to make ourselves appear as part of the club. But that didn’t happen. The place was incredibly inviting, the servers were great listeners and seemed sincerely complimented by our feedback, and the wine had not been oversold. It was damn good. That illusion of expected bravado was shattered once again on this year’s trip to pick up our daughter from summer camp where we visited Matrix, a new favorite winery, and the top-rated restaurant in San Francisco (according to Yelp), Restaurant Gary Danko.

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