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It’s all about the Chardonnay baybee!

Chardonnay Symposium


The Chardonnay Symposium is the sister event to the Cabs of Distinction, and is equally awesome. The 2016 event yet again did not disappoint. We were able to pick from a list of several different great seminars, thankfully some were similar to those I went to last year, so I was able to attend other ones that also interested me. The 2 seminars I chose were the Wente Clone Comparative Tasting, and the Hone Your Chardonnay Blind-Tasting Skills but I also got to attend the Pét-Nat Sparkling Wine & Oysters Gala, La Paulée Dinner and Vintners Awards Ceremony (thanks to my date Glenn from Adelaida), and of course the Saturday Grand Tasting. Read more…


Pass me Somm Chardonnay -Segment 1

Chardonnay Symposium

Chardonnay is the number 1 selling wine in the world and in California alone there are 100,000 acres planted. It’s a very versatile wine with flavors and textures that can go from very tropical, to creamy and buttery, to minerally and it is even the primary white varietal used to make Champagne. Of all the varieties Chardonnay has been most popular with women and with so many different incarnations it’s easy to see why. This year I got to attend the Chardonnay Symposium for the first time and it was quite an event, with wine makers and Chardonnays from all over the world. Read more…

Tiny Bubbles…By the Sea

Champagne Sabre


We attended the first annual BubblyFest by the sea, and although there are similar events in Europe and even South Africa, this is the only Sparkling Wine and Champagne Festival in the United States. Being that October is probably one of the most temperate times of year here on the Central Coast, the weather averages 75 degrees during the day and can drop to around 50 at night, this month is ideal for having a festival like this. The outdoor, weekend long event opened with a Great Gatsby themed cocktail party, and closing brunch taking place at Dolphin Bay Resort and the Grand Tasting along with a Press Preview, held at the SeaCrest Resort. As I mentioned the final event, was a Sunday brunch; unfortunately we were unable to attend that event so I can’t comment and will only be discussing the events we actually attended. Read more…

An Afternoon of Epicurean Delights

The Chapman House

The Community Action Partnerships of San Luis Obispo or CAPSLO Health and prevention division provides health and medical services for underprivileged and low income, men, women, children and families in our community. Every year for the last 26 years they have put on an annual charity food and wine event called Afternoon of Epicurean Delights. It took place this year at the stunningly iconic and historic Chapman House – a Tudor style mansion in Shell Beach overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Read more…

A Rare Perfect Menu Found at the Cliffs

The Cliffs Resort

That’s right. This really is the view.

I don’t get to write about this kind of experience often. But as my wife and I met days after President Obama was re-elected to celebrate with a nice meal at Marisol, we stumbled on an endangered culinary species – the perfect menu.

Read more…

Dazed and Confused: Basquing on the Beach

I feel I must start this post with my philosophy for writing these reviews for you. I’m not a chef, and therefore have no right to criticize. I prefer to inspire you by telling you what I enjoy no matter where we go. I don’t want to be a “restaurant critic” because everyone has bad nights, servers in bad moods, stand-in cooks. I simply want to inspire you to try everything and make up your own mind, but also have been told I know good food, which is why I started posting to begin with. So please accept this post in that spirit as you read. Now, on to the day AFTER 4/20, which may explain why I entitled this post “Dazed and Confused.”

Great friends Mel and Bob (from our evening at Marisol) invited us to join them at a new restaurant that opened in place of Old Vienna, the only German food we’ve found in the county. I was terribly excited to hear it was Basque food, Read more…

Lido? Lovely on a Tuesday night!

One of the most amazing things about living in a vacation destination in California, is all the beautiful restaurants and resorts located on the coast over looking the ocean, beach, or cliffs above the Pacific. It never gets boring to turn to Doug at the spur of the moment and say “Which one of the incredibly beautiful places would you like to go for dinner?” Read more…

The Best Appetizer Ever?

I have to admit – I live here by the sea and have a riduculously difficult time finding good seafood. I’ve recently become enamored with oysters, and our local oysters are some of the best I’ve tried, but I’ll talk about them another time. Today, I want to talk about a dish I’ve had twice now – the first time by accident, and the second time intentionally – and both times I was absolutely stunned at how such a seemingly odd combination of flavors and textures could come together to create possibly the best appetizer I’ve ever had. Read more…

Marisol at the Cliffs and Vino delish

As you know by now hubby posted on the exquisite meal we had with friends last night at Marisol located at the Cliffs hotel and resort in Shell Beach. He briefly mentioned the mushroom soup which was tasty with a dollop of creme fraiche and truffle oil drops. Since we shared everything else I’ll just touch on the soup. It was a bit on the bland side to be honest, but when you scooped up a bit of the oil and the creme fraiche on the spoon it gave it a nice touch. When I ordered it I expected it to be cream based but in actuality it wasn’t. Read more…

Cheese, Beets and Funnel Cakes at Marisol

Cowgirl Creamery Mt. Tam Cheese.

Mt. Tam is a delicious, creamy cheese like brie with less bite and a mild rind that even rind haters can get behind.

So I love it when friends call and say “hey, we grabbed a room at a hotel on the beach and you should come join us for dinner.” You can do that here. And you can be assured of a terrific time and heart stopping sunset every time.

So Marisol, at the Cliffs Resort in Shell Beach, CA, is one of our foodie haunts. Mostly because the location is ungodly beautiful, and we love Gregg Wangard the chef there. The menu is pretty standard by now. I noticed the Bautista Wild Rocket Salad that is one of my favorite salads of all time, anywhere, but this time opted to Read more…

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