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26 reasons to wine!

Cab Collective

The President’s day holiday allowed us to attend the Paso Cab Collective luncheon led by Linda Parker Sanpei and Michael Mooney winemaker extraordinaire, and owner of Chateau Margene.  I was very honored to be one of a very, small, handful of press to be invited to this amazing event. Doug and I were joined at the table by Linda, and Michael along with Jonathan Cristaldi from Tasting Panel magazine, Tom Wilmer (author, NPR podcaster and travel writer), Katie Budge from the Tribune, and WendyThies Sell.  Read more…

Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’…SLO Wiiine! (Day 2)


After a crazy schedule filled with wonderful epicurean adventures, I’m finally getting around to writing about Day 2 of Rolling out the Barrels. Because even though we hit 8 wineries, we didn’t feel the need to race around from one place to the other so we could give a report on ALL the pairings (in case some place ran out) and offerings like the first day, the 2nd day was much more chill for us. There were fewer places offering food pairings and in general there was more of just a come on in and drink vibe, all around. Read more…

Farmers, Winemakers and Chocolatiers, Oh MY!!!

Every year the city of Pismo Beach has the Taste of Pismo, a food and wine event sponsored by the San Luis Obispo Wine Country Association. The kick off party this year was Farmfest, a meet and greet with our local Farmers, Winemakers, Chocolatiers, Chefs and more all overlooking the ocean at Dinosaur Caves Park. Getting a ticket included wine tasting and food samples prepared by the various producers and talented Chefs. Read more…

My Man Manny!

Avila Wine and Roasting Co

My friend Manny made his life long dream a reality when just over a year ago, he bought a little wine and coffee bar in Avila beach called Avila Wine and Roasting Company. One of the things about Manny is he is probably one of the most knowledgeable wine bar owners you will ever meet. He spent 25 years in the industry and has worked as a wine rep for distributors and wineries alike, every time I go in there I learn something new. He has an ever changing wine list where he mostly focuses on Central Coast wines but often has some unusual finds from around the country and the world sitting around. Read more…

Enter The Matrix

A few years ago Doug and I took our daughter up to northern California for summer camp. After we dropped her off we went to Santa Rosa and stopped at this funky little joint, called Willi’s Wine bar.  We asked our server to recommend a nice bottle of white wine and she suggested a bottle of Matrix Sauvignon Blanc. We absolutely fell in love with it. It was incredible and the minute we got home we promptly ordered a case from the winery. Read more…

Wine, Sun, and the Faaabulouuus Fedora Four!!

Hillary, Sandy, and Brad

Our friends Brad and Sandy (you may remember her from my blog What to do on a Rainy Day…) showed up for our Saturday wine tasting day wearing Fedoras, starting a day of Fedora flaunting and rocking. I didn’t have a fedora so Doug in solidarity left his at home.  But by the end of the day between Doug and our friend Annie and a very friendly guy up on a balcony in Avila Beach…we had Fedoras for all!! Until then however, Brad let me wear his. Although we made several stops on our wine tasting adventure I’m only going to discuss the first, Piedra Creek winery on this post  because Read more…

Flight over Taste of the Valleys

Taste of the Valleys Pismo Beach

Taste of the Valleys Pismo Beach

There is a little wine bar and shop in Pismo beach called Taste of the Valleys. It’s owned by Ash Mehta a charming fellow, and worked by his lovely partner Lissa, although you can usually find Ash behind the bar too or milling around chatting it up with regulars. ToV actually has a flagship location in Solvang as well, but we are going to discuss the Pismo location since that is were we go. Read more…

Ah Luis, Luis…You gotta GO!!!

I know, we’ve blogged about Luis before, but get used to hearing about it because we are LOVING this place! Vanessa is terrific and really knows her stuff, not to mention I have been craving Maegan Loring’s chicken and duck fat pate since I wrote about it in my Going down in Gluttonous Glory blog. Today we went to Luis and decided to try the flights, I got the red GSM (Grenache/Syrah (Shiraz)/Mourvedre) blend and Read more…

A Play date with Pat…and his wines!

One of my favorite things to do is drink wine with friends- to me it’s a great adult play date. We never get too old to play, we just start changing the toys we play with. Instead of childhood tea pots and cups, now I play with Riedel glasses and wine bottles. To me wine is fun and even more fun with friends.

So today I had a play date at my friend Pat’s house. Now what makes going to Pat’s house so much fun, aside from the fact he’s a great guy, is Read more…

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