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Trolling for Dogfish Head

Dogfish Head

So as I mentioned in my blog post 99 taps of beer on the wall , since I wasn’t able to include with proper reverence the final day of American Craft Beer Week held at The Libertine Pub in Morro Bay for the Dogfish Head tap takeover, I am, as promised, following it up. With the tag line “Off-centered Ales for off-centered people” (a category I proudly fall into) Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales are in my opinion some of the most unique and interesting ale-based concoctions in the marketplace today – and they have definitely proven to be an unconventional brewery.

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99 taps of beer on the wall

1 week, many beers!

As a blogger and very fortunate member of the ShareSLO2013 “street team” I was lucky enough to garner an invite to attend San Luis Obispo’s American Craft Beer Week.  Normally it is a week-long national celebration of craft beer, the definition of which is small, independently-owned commercial breweries, some you may have heard of like Sierra Nevada or Lagunitas, others you may have not like Lost Abbey and The Bruery. The San Luis Obispo event however kicked off on May 11th for 9 glorious beer-filled days and I was going to do my very best to go to as many events as possible! After all how could I report back if I didn’t dive head first into the brew? For you my friends I have made this sacrifice. I will say there was a lot of beer and a lot of tasting/drinking so to discuss every beer I ingested would put the encyclopedia Brittanica to shame. Though it’s still going to be a long post (the event was a week long after all), I’m focusing mainly on the beers I really liked. So grab a brewski and sit down for a good long read! Read more…

It Takes a Lot of Beer to Make a Bottle of Wine!

Find us wearing this shirt, and we may buy you a drink.

Calling all Beer Lovers!

Starting this weekend is San Luis Obispo’s own celebration of American Craft Beer Week. Come sample some of the rarest and best beers in the world here in our own back yard and compare tasting notes (yes we do that with beer too) with your #ShareSLO Street Team compatriots. You’re sure to see lots of our winemaker friends there as well – after all, as they say:

“It takes a lot of beer to make a bottle of wine.”

The complete schedule is below. Warning: it’s long! But that’s a good thing, right? Let us know where you’ll be and we’ll keep an eye out for you. We’ll even buy a beer for the first person to come up and introduce themselves for every event we’re at. Read more…

Farmers, Winemakers and Chocolatiers, Oh MY!!!

Every year the city of Pismo Beach has the Taste of Pismo, a food and wine event sponsored by the San Luis Obispo Wine Country Association. The kick off party this year was Farmfest, a meet and greet with our local Farmers, Winemakers, Chocolatiers, Chefs and more all overlooking the ocean at Dinosaur Caves Park. Getting a ticket included wine tasting and food samples prepared by the various producers and talented Chefs. Read more…

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