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Finals with a sidecar of Mojito Maximus!

I have said several times that Sidecar is one of my favorite new places to eat and hang out. There has always been something new and interesting to try. Last week as you may or may not have noticed I wasn’t as prolific at posting new blogs because I was studying for finals so it took most of my time and attention. However finals are over and it was CELEBRATION time!!! Whoot Whoot! So that meant meeting a classmate at Sidecar and having drinks and some food. Read more…


Flight over Taste of the Valleys

Taste of the Valleys Pismo Beach

Taste of the Valleys Pismo Beach

There is a little wine bar and shop in Pismo beach called Taste of the Valleys. It’s owned by Ash Mehta a charming fellow, and worked by his lovely partner Lissa, although you can usually find Ash behind the bar too or milling around chatting it up with regulars. ToV actually has a flagship location in Solvang as well, but we are going to discuss the Pismo location since that is were we go. Read more…

French for a Day. On Prom Night.

So my Sophomore daughter was asked by a Junior to join him at prom, which sent the house into a tempest of activity – make-up, hair, nails, dresses. Not a lot of time to make food at home, so we started our day with a short walk down to Le Petit Cafe in Arroyo Grande to enjoy a French Country Breakfast from the most adorable French couple you’ve met – Stephane and Sylvie. Remarkably decadent and simple at the same time – Sylvie’s fresh made baguettes, croissants, french toast and angelic pastries, plus Stepane’s ham and Swiss crepes with chive spread, coffee and OJ. So good. After taking 4,000 pictures of my daughter and her date, and waving as they rode off into the sunset, it was time to pick a great dinner place and recount our own prom days to each other. We decided to continue with the theme and went to Et Voila in San Luis Obispo. Read more…

Sidecar is No Sideshow: A Foodie Mecca in San Luis Obispo?!

So I was so jealous the other night when I didn’t have the energy to join Hillary at Sidecar the night she tried the foie gras oreo and olive oil milkshake, that we made a point to go again this week. I have been so impressed every time I go. I really think they got this place right. From the foodie/speakeasy vibe, to the incredible service we always get, to the bizarro selection on the constantly changing menu. It’s a crave-worthy place that grows on me, and unlike so many other places in San Luis Obispo, beckons you back to try Chef Michael Reyes latest inspiration. This time, I didn’t have to struggle to figure out what I wanted. I knew the second the menu hit the table. Read more…

C&C, Byron, Still Waters, and the Wrath of Grapes!

I have deemed today to officially be Red and White day! And not just any red and white, it’s Red and White WINE time! So in the spirit of the day let’s alternate between the two and talk WINE! Read more…

Chicken Fried Tanner Jacks

Tanner Jack's Restaurant Logo

Tanner Jacks Restaurant

We have known Michael and Kelly for years and have been customers of Tanner Jacks since Michael’s parents Jack (the Jack portion of the name) and Lauren owned the place, in fact I used to work for their parent company Tanner Jacks Inc. But it’s been a while since we’ve been up to Tanner Jacks mostly because it is located on the Mesa between Arroyo Grande and Nipomo. Sunday night Doug had a craving for steak so up to the Mesa we went.

Years ago I told Michael that I couldn’t find a chicken fried steak on the coast that even came close to the one that the hole in the wall local landmark the Way Station in my old home town of Santa Clarita, makes. So Michael set about to putting one on the menu. Initially the chicken fried steak was only part of the Sunday brunch menu, but now it appears to have been made it’s way on to the regular menu so of course I had to try it. Read more…

How I Got Fried at Tanner Jacks

I am no wimp when it comes to spice. I have a special sushi roll with fresh cut peppers on top, and pepper sauce on top of that. I used to eat jars of peppers while watching Days of Our Lives on lunch breaks between classes at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo – yes, my (other) male roommate got me addicted and we picked class schedules to be home for Kayla and Patch. Yes, I went to school a long time ago. I enjoy hot food, and have discovered spicy drinks too. A Spicy Bloody Mary with a cooling celery stalk is awesome. But I like even more – I really enjoy jalapeno drinks. Read more…

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